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Pachypodium Gracilius - 蓄光ver BLACK TYPE -

Pachypodium Gracilius - 蓄光ver BLACK TYPE -

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pachypodium Glakiris' "Softbi Figure" light accumulationver!

faithfully reproduces its plump, plump form and details.
This is a black type with a glossy contrast between body and black.
Cool charm with wild booriness, the brand logo emerges in the dark and shines divinely

In addition to the unique and exciting texture that only soft vinyl can produce, the three branches can be moved by dividing the parts, so you can enjoy it in the direction of your favorite branch.
Also, the details of the tip of the leaf, which is considered difficult for soft vinyl, are well reproduced, and the finish is packed with care.

The BOTANY TOYS CLUB brand logo is on the bowl.

Of course, there is no need for difficult rooting management or watering!

You can enjoy the collection case, living room, desk, bedroom, etc. anywhere!
Enjoy the greatness of the soft vinyl figure, which is different from the real plants.



縦/H 17 × 横/W 8

生産国/country of origin


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